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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Macedonia 410.000 A : 180 MD, B: 2 Secretary General of the Council of Europe Council of Europe 03.02.2014 - 22.12.2016 /


Detailed description of project

Global objective

 Providing services to various activities implemented by the Council of Europe in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, such as conferences, seminars, visits of official delegations, study visits, events and activities.

Specific objectives

 The object of the Agreement concerns the provision of domestic travel, related transfers and transport to and from airports in the country and abroad within few EU member states, rail and bus station terminals/meeting venues/hotels, reimbursement of travel costs and payment of daily allowances, accommodation, meeting room packages and logistical support, divided in two lots 
The Agreement is currently estimated to represent up to 110 meetings in the country and 8 study visits abroad, to be held in 2014. The Agreement may potentially represent a higher or lower number of activities, depending on the evolving needs of the Organisation.
The number of participants per meeting will vary from up to 10 (draft sessions),10-50 (medium-scale seminars) to 50-100 (large-scale conferences) with an estimated average of around 30-50 participants. The number of participants per study visit is up to 10.

Type of services provided

The main aspects of the provided service, given under 2(two)lots, are:
LOT 1 – Transport, travel and daily allowances

Domestic and international travel services during the events in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and study visits abroad, including the following:

Return rail/bus tickets for participants (including experts and staff); 
Transfer of participants from their duty stations/residences to the airport/rail station/bus station terminals and vice versa; 
Transfer of participants from the airport/rail station/bus station terminals to the meeting venues/hotels and vice versa in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and abroad; 
In the case of activities involving back-to-back visits requiring the permanent presence of the driver in a number of locations and transportation of participants between these locations; 
Payment of daily allowances for the meetings in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and study visits abroad; 
Payment of travel allowances;

LOT 2 –Accommodation, meeting room package and logistical support

Full/half-board/bed and breakfast accommodation (minimum 3 stars) throughout the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and abroad for participants; 
Full meeting room package including Availability and seating capacity of meeting rooms, meals/coffee breaks, photocopies and visibility materials such as banners, delegate bags, note pads, pens, name tags, etc;
Catering services for receptions, official lunches and dinners