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Since underemployment remains to be the biggest problem, the key to poverty reduction is to enable greater access to well paid jobs. We strive to participate and give our contribution in the global process of organization of the labour market and encouraging job creation. We associate with assuring comprehensive provisions for the development of human resources so as to increase employment opportunities, promote new qualifications for our clients and enable them to create prospects for entrepreneurship. We take pride in our work in the area of equal rights for both men and women in the job market as it is in line with the EU strategy on employment. We believe that this will assist in the integration of the occupational and social environments and will give the persons which are socially excluded the chance to take up gainful employment and take up their proper place in community life.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Structure and characteristics of the labour force
  • Labour market settings/management, employment services and offices
  • Social dialogue
  • Job creation
  • Social situation and impact analysis
  • Social policy institutions and their management
  • Social inclusion and assistance policies