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Knowledge and transfer of information is the cornerstone of the development of local and regional society. Having this in mind, we have put the knowledge of our experts into use with the aim of raising the effectiveness of the educational system. The latest developments in education along with our expertise in the area of vocational training and life long learning has enabled our beneficiaries to raise their capabilities and level of knowledge, regardless of age or occupation.

In collaboration with our European consortium partners, for the second time consecutively GPM Consulting has won the EC Lot 9 Framework contract which is an instrument for fast and transparent recruiting of experts for activities in the exclusive interest of the European Commission or in the mixed interest of the Commission and of the countries/authority beneficiary of external aid programmes in the context of the assistance to third countries. The FWC BENEF 2013 has started in January 2014 with initial perion of duration of 2 years and possibility for extension with maximum additional 2 years. It shall be covering the sectors of Culture, Education, Employment and Social.

As part of an international consortium GPM Consulting has won a four year European Training Foundation ETF FWC 2006 - 2010 - Key competences for lifelong learning. The project aims to assess to which extent the environment and pedagogical approaches are conducive to developing ‘LtL’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ competences with students in secondary VET and higher education in Macedonia and to identify what could be changed to improve the situation.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Culture (development policies, intercultural dialogue, cultural heritage, audio-visual, cultural industries and tourism)
  • Education (formal and non-formal)
    • Primary education (All elementary and first cycle systematic instruction for children)
    • Secondary education (Second cycle systematic instruction at both junior and senior levels)
    • Higher education (Degree and diploma programmes at universities, colleges and polytechnics; scholarships)
  • Education sector analysis, reform and management
  • Vocational Education and Training - VET (formal and non-formal)
  • VET sub-sector analysis, reform and management
  • Life Long Learning - LLL
  • Labour Market and Employment (formal and non-formal)