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Our mission is to provide the best possible available expertise in the area of public and private sectors which strive to strengthen their capacities, advance their operability and maximize their output. By providing high profiled consultants and services GPM Consulting ensures that our clients attain the best practical assistance necessary for both immediate and sustainable improvement in performance in efficient and profitable manner.


Our vision is to be the first and only choice in the pursuit of our clients for a reliable partner.

Michelangelo was once asked how he created the statue of David. He replied, "it was easy, I simply took a large piece of marble and knocked of the bits that weren't David."

This presumably true anecdote epitomises our consulting philosophy. It is our strongly held belief that the wisdom and knowledge to create a desirable and achievable future for any organisation already exists within an organisation (including its customers, clients and suppliers). The role of the consultant is to provide process and discipline to unlock that wisdom and knowledge ("knock off the corporate concrete"). It is not to play the role of a systems expert and to engage in experimental theories. We are convinced that the imperatives of our clients are a critical factor in the successful implementation of any project, programme or strategy. Any other approach we believe not to be sound because it does not take into account the objectives of the client. We believe that initiatives, systems and processes that are “in sync” with the objectives of the clients have a greater opportunity of being implemented successfully for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.