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Acting as a consortium partner involved in the implementation of large number of international projects in Macedonia, GPM Consulting is continuing to prove its proficiency in providing comprehensive assistance in facilitating the presence of foreign companies and businesses in the country. This has enabled us to develop a unique insight in the private sector development methods and present us with advantage in providing turn-key services.

GPM Consulting has at its disposal the resources and capacity to participate in foreign investments as a partner in joint ventures on projects with high-rate feasibility.

We have outstanding record in taking over the management of the entire legal process for registration of companies, opening gyro accounts for foreign companies and internationally funded projects, managing tax refunds, purchase of private and state owned land with accompanying documentation, application for all types of licenses (construction, environmental etc.) issued by state agencies and bodies, advise on possible contracting and tender strategies that optimise the use of private sector involvement etc. This is complemented with wide-ranging services such as establishing company offices by providing premises, employee screening, procurement of all telecommunication requirements, office equipment, furniture and stationary.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Understanding international  projects, as well as understanding investor decision-making Identifying target sectors and companies and how to select and approach potential investors
  • Use and development of sector studies
  • Regional cooperation in investor targeting
  • Investor targeting SWOT analysis and benchmarking
  • Introduction to investor communications, principles of investor communication and image building
  • Use of promotional tools for investment attraction
  • Post investment care and monitoring of foreign investors
  • Investment promotion (domestic and foreign) etc.