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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Republic of Macedonia 2.195.000 EUR 10 Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia Budget of the Republic of Macedonia 25.05.2012 - 16.11.2018 Available upon request



Global objective

The overall objective of this project is provision of System for Processing and Management of Customs Declaration and Excise Documents (CDEPS).

Specific objectives

The CDEPS project objective is to provide a system that will ensure an undistributed flow of electronic information between all participants in the customs and excise procedures, through connection of the external, national and common Domain, as well as the domain of other government institutions. With the simplification and computerization of the administrative carrying out of controls, the collection of revenues will become much more efficient and the flow of goods will be expedited. 
With implementation of the CDEPS a solution will be developed  which shall provide for the Customs Administration and the customs offices:

  • Management of the customs declarations and the excise documents (submission, acceptance/receipt, registry, processing, archiving);
  • Control of the movement of excise goods, electronic message exchange within the automatic administrative course of operation;
  • Efficiency in conducting controls concerning collected and returned customs duties, excises, taxes and other charges;
  • Faster flow of goods;
  • Improvement of the security of the supply system, in accordance with the initiative of the WCO and the EU membership standards.

The system shall provide a data exchange between the customs authorities, the economic operators, as well as other government institutions.



The Contractor shall provide CDEPS System, comprised of the following systems:

  • System for electronic message exchange (with business community, representatives, banks, other agencies and statistics)
  • Transit
  • Import
  • Export
  • Import Control System
  • Export Control System
  • Excise Goods Movement Control System
  • Excise Documents Control System

as well as the subsystems along with the accompanying documentation.

The Contractor shall perform  the following activities:

  • Analysis, development, testing, delivery, installation and put into function of the CDEPS;
  • Implementation of the CDEPS, support during transfer to production and post implementation phase, that needs to be provided by the contractor;
  • Training for use, maintenance and adjustment of the application, intended for the users and the employees of the Sector for Information technology;
  • Maintenance of the software and support services;

As part of the obligations of the Contractor is also the Integration and interconnection of the systems and sub-systems of the CDEPS with the modules NCTS (a system that is under construction in the Customs Administration) and ITE (a system that needs to be developed with a project that is in pre-contractual phase), as well as the migration and transition of the data from the exiting functional systems towards the CDEPS.