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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Kosovo 25.690 A: 22 MD B: 100% European Commission (EU) Privatisation Agency of Kosovo European Commission (EU) 01.02.2010 - 02.02.2010 No partner



Global objective

The purpose of the project is to enhance the administrative and management capacity of the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo (PAK) to finalise the privatisation and to continue with the liquidation process of the Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

Specific objective(s)

The specific objective of this project is the assessment of the performance of the PAK against the privatisation and liquidation operation goals and measurable indicators as outlined in the PAK Business Plan 2009 and in the performance related bonus scheme.


In general the services include:

Provision of technical expertise for the appraisal of the implementation of the perfromance related bonus scheme.

The detailed requested services are as follows:

a)  Initial assessment

  • Becoming acquainted with the conditions of the operating grant provided by ECLO to PAK, in particular with Annex VIII – Description of the performance related bonus scheme.
  • Carry out analysis and comment on the introduction of the performance related bonus scheme into the PAK staff contracts, as well as its effectiveness to date. 
  • Collect and analyse the PAK HR evaluation on the performance of individual members of the top and middle management for the set privatisation and liquidation goals and indicators against the performance related bonus scheme.
  • Assess the PAK HR policy in term of staff stimulation for better performance.
  • Consult and inform the European Commission Liaison Office and the PAK on progress of the findings during the initial assessment.

b)  Preparation of the Assessment Report

  • Based on the findings from the initial assessment, draft an assessment report on the implementation of the performance related bonus scheme at PAK and shall report to the ECLO and PAK whether the bonus was rightfully released to the staff based on their performance.
  • Communicate and seek approval of the draft documents prepared from ECLO.
  • Work with another FWC expert on the performance of the PAK as regards the evaluation of the operational goals and measurable indicators for privatisation and liquidation progress.
  • Deliver an assessment report on the implementation of the performance related bonus scheme at PAK with recommendation.