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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Macedonia 191.736 A: 160 MD B: 50% European Agency for Reconstruction, Invest Macedonia, Ministry of Economy CARDS 10.09.2007 - 10.03.2008 Available upon request



Global objective

The Project overall objective is to contribute to the increase of the foreign direct investment (FDI) flows in the country and thus generate employment, raise productivity, import skills and technology, enhance exports and contribute to the long-term economic development of the country.

Specific objective(s)

Improve capacity of the national authorities in charge of investment attraction and generation in terms of substantive knowledge in attracting FDI practices and techniques and negotiating skills.


For the project implementation provided Expert in FDI attraction and generation also acting as Team Leader to lead the team in completing the following activities:
Provided assistance in Institutional building, capacity building, coached and advised in the day-to-day efficient operation and continued with the development programme for staff members of the Invest Macedonia. Continued development programme was related to the following subjects/components:

  • Understanding international investment and projects, as well as understanding investor decision-making;
  • Principles of investment targeting;
  • Identifying target sectors and companies and how to select and approach potential investors;
  • Use and development of sector studies;
  • Regional cooperation in investor targeting;
  • Investor targeting SWOT analysis and benchmarking;
  • Introduction to investor communications, principles of investor communication and image building;
  • Use of web, search engines and research tools;
  • Use of promotional tools for investment attraction;
  • Post investment care and monitoring of foreign investors, etc.

Guided and supported the Invest Macedonia management and staff in implementation of the National Investment Promotion Strategy and the Agency Annual Operational Plan.; Provided counseling and advices to the Investment Coordination body and Invest Macedonia aimed to improve FDI attraction capacities of the country and establishing regular FDI oriented dialogue with the business community; Other national bodies accountable for FDI attraction and generation had also benefit from this services.