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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
USAID Business Environment Activity Booz Allen Hamilton (USA) Macedonia 17.360 A: 184 MD B: 100% USAID Business Environment Activity Booz Allen Hamilton (USA) USAID 10.03.2008 - 10.05.2008 NO PARTNER



Global objective

The main objective of this Phase II Study (“Needs Assessment”) is to:

  • conduct a in-depth blue-print analysis of the current procurement practices within the Governmental Regulatory Bodies and Agencies, and evaluate where potential opportunities for consultancy reside;
  • develop a gap analysis that will highlight what challenges the targeted agencies are presently facing in their efforts to successfully implement relevant laws, procedural requirements and enforcement programs;
  • produce a set of tangible recommendations for the Governmental Regulatory Bodies and Agencies to address operational and enforcement issues;

It is anticipated that all above actions will help establish an overall competitive business environment, increase regulatory transparency, foster a healthy consultation with key players and stakeholders, and prepare the MBEA project staff to approach the consultancy services market on a fee bases and perform private consulting work.
The Needs Assessment will identify the areas of possible MBEA staff’s involvement, as well as the private sector and NGOs’ participation and provide the Governmental Regulatory Bodies and Agencies with consulting services.

The following Agencies will be included in the Needs Assessment: Agency for Electronic Communications; Energy Regulatory Commission; Fund for regional and Motor Ways Roads; Health Insurance Fund; Employment Service Agency; MAPAS; Customs Administration; Public Procurement Bureau and Securities and Exchange Commission


In the project implementation team of 5 experts (Team leader, Legal expert, 2 economists and an Infrastructure/Transport engineer) were hired to conducting in-depth research aimed to produce the Needs Assessment which more specifically addressed the following strategic business planning issues:

(1) Baseline analysis of current practices, and challenges in procuring consulting services in targeted Agencies.  Such analysis included details about:

  • agencies’ procurement budget and organizational structure;
  • on-going and planned consulting services outsourcing;
  • current consulting services procurement needs;
  • short and long term strategic plans for development; and
  • anticipated consulting services in the next five years, with or without donors’ assistance.

(2) Gap analysis defining the optimal structure under which the targeted Agencies will agree to procure core services relevant to MBEA’s staff expertise.  Such analysis highlighted:

  • the bottlenecks in the legal framework, procurement procedures, and other internal and external factors limiting the current procurement process.
  • the steps that shall be taken to reach that optimal framework of operation.
  • Co-sponsorship opportunities between Regulatory Bodies and Agencies and (i) the GoM; (ii) the donors community; (iii) the private sector (PPP)

(3) Competitors analysis identified:

  • current players (size, profile etc…)
  • their approach
  • core services provided