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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Macedonia 630.000 1 130 MD Ministry of Finance of Republic of Macedonia French Ministry of Finance (FASEP) 10.05.2008 - 10.03.2009 Available upon request



Global objective

Assistance to Municipalities and Communal Services Enterprises in preparation and execution of municipal infrastructures projects.


Component I: Sub-project preparation and related assessments:

  • Confirmation of the subproject appraisal criteria and selection process
  • Review of subprojects
  • Feasibility studies of a minimum number of the selected sub-projects
    • Technical aspects
    • Financial assessments and capacity to borrow of municipalities
    • Financial and Economic cost/benefit assessments of sub-projects
    • Environmental and Social Safeguards:
      • Preparation of the subproject - specific Environmental Management Plans (EMP) (if an EIA is required, detailed ToR for such a study)
      • Subproject Social Assessments to determine the need for land acquisition and/or resettlement (if land acquisition, ToRsfor LARAP)
    • Development of bidding documents for the first round sub-projects.

Component II: Development of MSIP detailed project design and operational procedures

  • Institutional and organisational assessments,
  • Design of financial arrangements between the national government and participating local entities
  • Design of the project's operational procedures
    • Institutional Development Plan,
    • Project Implementation and Procurement Plan,
    • Project Management Manual (PMM),
    • Project Financial Management System (PFMS) and Manual,
  • Design of capacity building activities related to the above functions.

Component III: Capacity building for project implementation:
On-the-job training, workshops and preparation of related training materials for municipal, CSE and some central government staff to include the following:

  • Provision of ongoing support to the PIU, including orientation and capacity building on management of World Bank - finance dprojects;
  • Procurement and financial management orientation, including the use of PMM and PFMS;
  • Capacity-building activities on sub-project preparation and implementation for municipal governments and CSEs.

Component IV: Defining the Monitoring and Evaluation System:

  • Design of the methodology for monitoring and results evaluation;
  • Proposal of baseline data based on relevant existing data.