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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
Assistance to the MIA - Kosovo Kosovo 130.000 A: 156 MD B: 100 % European Agency for Reconstruction Ministry of Internal Affaires CARDS 10.09.2006 - 10.05.2007 Available upon request



Global objectives
The overall objectives of the project of which this contract will be a part are as follows:
The establishment of a functioning Ministry of Internal Affairs, with sufficient resources to carry out their responsibilities.

Specific objectives

  • Prepare a Feasibility Study which will define the office accommodation needs of Ministry of Internal Affairs based on planned staff numbers and the internal structure of the Ministry, and present options to enable these needs to be met.
  • Prepare a design and tender documents for the preferred option from the feasibility study following agreement and approval of the European Agency for Reconstruction and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


One International Expert was hired to implement the specific activities (supported by ST local experts) related to preparation of Feasibility Study which will define the office accommodation needs of Ministry of Internal Affairs including complete designs and tender documents for the construction of the building.

Feasibility Study including findings and proposals for the Ministry of Internal Affairs office accommodation, defined in written form with floor sketches. The study include recommendation of a most technically and financially suitable option.


  • Architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering surveys of all existing and proposed structures and services, presented in form of drawings using CAD software in scale 1:50, with all dimensions indicated therein. These drawing show all layouts, roof-system structures, cross and longitudinal section of all relevant parts of the building as well as through the main stairs, all elevations and any written descriptions of existing and their conditions.
  • Designed proposals based on drawings prepared as described by EAR and beneficiary approval, with walls rendered in the following colours:
  • Existing walls and columns in grey
  • Walls and columns to be demolished in yellow
  • New walls in red
  • New concrete elements in green
  • Partition walls made of timber or metal in yellow
  • Technical specifications for all materials and works
  • Tender documentation which will, together with the Technical Specifications, allow the project to be tendered. These include: the proposed Administrative and Technical Compliance criteria, and draft Special Conditions according to the PRAG guide
  • Overall implementation plan of buildings works
  • Annual energy requirement calculations with energy saving recommendation
  • Cost Estimate for proposed Works
  • Proposed Time schedule for construction work