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Name of legal entity Country Overall project value (EUR) No of staff provided Name of client Origin of funding Dates (start/end) Name of partners
GPM Consulting Macedonia 999.060 1 European Agency for Reconstruction; Ministry of Economy; Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion PHARE 01.01.2005 - 01.01.2006 AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST



The aim of the project is to develop the capacity of the Ministry and the SME supporting infrastructure for improving the business climate for operation of SME.
The main project partner is the Ministry of Economy. Other beneficiaries include the SME supporting institutions, as the Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion, regional enterprise support  centres, facilities, chambers, business associations, clusters, etc. 
The strategic objective of the TA to the Ministry of Economy is to further develop the capacity of the Ministry and the SME supporting infrastructure. 
The project should lead to enhancement of the SME development policy and designing strategic measures to boost creation, sustainability and growth of the SME’s.

The specific objectives included:

• the provision of  technical assistance to the MoE & to the national SME support infrastructure, with emphasis on the capacity building.  
• the development and introduction of measures to support the creation of new business & to enhance business environment for operating enterprises. 
• the emphasis, within the technical assistance, to the assessed & perceived needs for SMEs in all parts of the country, in order to support them to improve their business performance and generate additional employment & income.

The expected results after the implementation of the project actions which are proposed are the following:

• a revision of policy for the SME sector, comprising a SME strategy & a SME support program; 
• the SME department of the MoE is trained to up-date the policy papers on a regular basis;  
• a new mechanism the monitoring & evaluation of SME programmes and projects has been set up  
• new programmes for the provision of non-financial support services to SME’s ( horizontal & sectoral programmes) have been proposed and elaborated; 
• the institutions for the implementation of SME support programmes have been identified & assisted to be able to deliver them satisfactorily to a large  number of beneficiaries; 
• staff of the MoE, APPRM and other BSOs have participated in extensive training that will have direct impact over their skills & efficiency in developing SME policy & programmes; 
• a number of selected priority programmes and projects have been successfully elaborated and designed;  
• a mechanism for co-operation & communication between the MoE, newly established & more mature BSOs, the international donors and other relevant organisations has been established; 
• a feasibility study on establishment & operation of the Mutual Guarantee Fund has been produced & prospective founders have been identified & communicated; 
• technical assistance has been provided for the preparation of the reports of the Observatory for SME’s & for the up-dating of the SME’s Charter.



Review of SME support measures implemented in RM and assessment of results 
Conducted a prior appraisal of the voucher system for consultancy (VSC) services (targeting the new and existing SMEs and unemployed persons) and increase the public awareness for the system
Identified needs and areas of activity where the Business Associations can benefit from the assistance of the projects
Determined the extent to which each of the principal donors genuinely support the need to coordinate their activities with the MoE
Provided information to the donors concerning the activities supported by the MoE, actual and planned and collect information from the donors on their planned activities
Creation of SME Forum and strengthened private public dialogue